Multisport Courts

Client: Emmanuel Catholic College
Project: Resurfacing of four multisport courts
Product: Laykold Masters Advantage
Colours: Courts: Laykold Dark Blue
                Surrounds: Laykold Oasis Blue (custom colour)

Emmanuel Catholic College needed significant infrastructure improvements to their sporting facilities which would enhance and cater to a range of sports.

The primary focus of the project was the resurfacing of four multipurpose courts for tennis, netball and basketball with the Laykold Masters Advantage 3 coat system. Known for its resilience and durability, this system ensured that the college’s sports facilities would not only look pristine but also withstand the intensive sporting use of the students.

In addition to the resurfacing, the project included the installation of new combination netball/basketball towers and tennis nets and posts. These additions expanded the versatility of the courts, allowing students to enjoy a diverse range of sports, including tennis, netball, and basketball.

A unique touch was added to the project by incorporating custom-designed wording on the surrounds of the court. This personalised element not only added an aesthetic dimension to the facilities but also instilled a sense of pride and identity within the college community which has fostered a strong sense of school spirit.

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