Recreational Play Spaces

Client: Mirvac
Project: Community Olympic-themed play space
Product: Laykold Masters and Supergrasse
Colours: Various colours from the Laykold standard and vibrant colour range

In 2018, the WCSS team helped create an Olympic-themed play space in Pegasus Park, situated in Bennett Springs. This vibrant transformation ignited the spirit of athletic adventure and fun for the surrounding community.

This dynamic play area was carefully designed to draw inspiration from the world of little athletics, offering ample room for children to explore a variety of exciting activities. The space featured a half-court basketball court, complete with basketball hoops, hopscotch grids, and a challenging target practice wall. A dedicated cricket pitch was also integrated into the design, complete with built-in wickets, fielders, and a scoreboard.

The 50-metre running track was a central highlight of the play space, featuring a thrilling 10-metre sprint section and a long jump area. The result was a playground where kids of all ages could come together to enjoy a diverse range of athletic adventures and wholesome fun.

This exciting project was made possible through the collaboration between WCSS and Mirvac. The project included the installation of Laykold Masters for the basketball court, running track, hopscotch areas, and little athletics section. In addition, the installation of a cricket wicket central in the space, installed with Supergrasse, making it a true haven for sports enthusiasts.

This project wasn’t just about play; it was a commitment to creating healthier lifestyles within our local communities. Pegasus Park, with its Olympic-themed play space, became a hub for active living, where children could learn, compete, and have fun while embracing the joy of sports and physical activity, a pathway to a healthier, more vibrant community.

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